Hand Painted Tile Murals And Panels

These tile murals have all been painted to order to make sure our clients get something exactly right for their space.  We hope you find them inspiring but remember we provide a fully bespoke service so you need not be limited by what you see here.

Tile mural of bayeux tapestry
Tile mural featuring Battle of Hastings
Tile mural above an aga
Rubens sketch used to inspire this tile mural
A pre-raphaelite tile mural
Pre-raphaelite tile mural
Tile mural from a painting by Sir Frederic Leighton
Hand painted tile mural clink street
Bespoke architect tiles commercial
Oak tree on a delft tile mural
An oak tree transformed into a Delft tile panel
Basket of cherries tile mural
A dutch old-master style tile mural
A twenty tile mural
Majolica tile panel of Portuguese design
Portuguese 17th century tile mural design
Hand painted tiles mural black and white
Rubens sketch inspires tile mural
Sea Monsters
A Portuguese Majolica panel for a shower